The Surrogate Bride

A Historical Fantasy

Tasha is running from her abusive husband when a gypsy woman beckons to her from the doorway of her Romany vardo. Seeking a safe place, Tasha runs to the vardo where she meets a young girl who heals her bruises and her broken arm with one touch. That is puzzling enough, but when she looks outside, she sees it is no longer night and she is no longer in her own world.

She has been brought here by Lord Christos. The girl he loves, Kendall, has been chosen by the immortal King Wolfstan, as his bride but Christos doesn't want to let her go. Tasha will resemble her, with a few magical changes, enough to fool the King. It sounds like a better option than what awaits her in her own world, so she agrees.

But joining in matrimony here is not the same at all and Tasha falls desperately in love with the King, unaware that sex with her will deprive him of his immortality.

Old Fashioned Values

When historian Cara Phillips meets Chase Hampton, she believes she has met her soulmate. He is handsome and wealthy, has inherited a castle and has the same interests as her.

They both value the ethics of the past and both enjoy medieval theme weekends and events together, the more authentic the better.

But things become too authentic when the medieval wedding and honeymoon on which he takes her turns out to be on his own private island, where nothing has progressed since the sixteenth century.

This even stretches to the laws of that time, where women are property and husbands have the final say over their lives. This is not what Cara signed up for, but she has no idea how to get off the island.