A Regency Series
A Match of Honour

This book is the winner of Best Historical Romance in the e-festival of words 2018


Christopher Hartleigh is the heir to his uncle, the Duke of Somersham, who is dying. The Duke and Duchess have only daughters and in order to keep the title in their bloodline, they suggest to Christopher that he marry their eldest daughter, Susan.

Christopher is amused at the suggestion. Susan is his cousin, more like a sister and he finds the idea of making her his wife ridiculous. He follows her into the woods, to share the joke, but what he overhears changes his mind.

Lady Penelope's Frenchman

Christopher is feeling the strain of being the head of the family at such a young age. He is happy with his marriage to his cousin Susan, but then her sister, Penelope, causes him problems.

His late uncle, her father, already refused consent for her marriage to a displaced French aristocrat but she thinks she might have better luck with Christopher. After all, he is young and she has known him as a brother.

But when Christopher agrees that the Frenchman's only interest is in Penelope's fortune, she elopes with him. Christopher must follow and bring her back before her reputation is in ruins.