This series is about three noble brothers and their lives and loves

There are three things Viscount Michael Melford yearns for - a new house to replace the rambling manor his family live in, the beautiful horse he saw for sale and Lady Christine.

Alas, his father refuses to build, he cannot afford the horse and Lady Christine is the daughter of a Duke, far out of reach of the second son of an Earl. Then his father and elder brother are both killed in a coach accident, leaving Michael as the Earl of Melford. He wastes no time in buying that horse, engaging an architect to build his house and asking the Duke for Christine's hand in marriage.

But when he found Christine in the arms of Edmund Carstairs, a man he believes she knew before, he decides to let her go to him because he thinks that's what she wants.

When his sister refuses to marry unless Christine is there to see it, Michael must find his wife again and offer her his forgiveness. He is devastated to learn that it is she who must forgive him.

The Earl's Jealousy

James Melford is a very possessive husband. He loves his wife, Helen, but barely lets her out of his sight, except for two days every month, when she visits her father some ten miles away.

When Helen fails to return from her latest visit, James goes looking for her and what he finds, shatters his world. A six year old child who calls Helen 'Mother' sends James to London to ask the Archbishop of Canterbury for an annulment. 

The Viscount's Divorce

John Melford is the youngest of the brothers and has no property or fortune. Determined to make his way in the world, he accepts a commission from Queen Elizabeth to suppress a rebellion in the north.

As a reward, he is given the title and estate of one of the traitors, but before he can leave London to take up his new position, he received a visit from Lady Geraldine, the betrothed of his late brother, Malcolm.

She gives him some letters from Malcolm's peasant mistress and the mother of his children. She tells John she was too angry at the time of Malcolm's death, and kept the letters all this time.

John sets out to find Heather, hoping to help her, but his life takes a path he would never have expected.

Lord John's Folly


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