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For the Love of Anne 

In 1523 or thereabouts, a young gentlewoman was recalled from France by her family to take up a position as maid of honour to Queen Katherine of Aragon.
There she met a young man, Lord Harry Percy, a page in the household of Cardinal Wolsey and heir to the illustrious earldom of Northumberland. The couple fell in love and wanted to marry and for a little while they were happy, believing they could build a future together.
But one powerful man had other ideas.
The young woman was Anne Boleyn and she had no idea then that the King of England had taken a fancy to her and would rip her away from the man she loved because of it.

The 6 books of Holy Poison are among some of the best books I have read, I could not put them down and the last one had me crying - Reader review.

It is wonderful to read a historical novel written by an author who knows their era. The story was gripping and it was beautifully written - Reader review

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